For over 30 years our enterprise has been the market leader in the field of the containers for wax products. The usage of high-quality materials and most modern manufacturing plants with computer-controlled mechanisms, guarantee the outstanding quality of the final products. These are particularly suitable for enterprises with automated production procedures for wax products.
From our 2.500m2 large stocks, we supply all year long the largest wax-processing enterprises in Europe and offer the possibility of selecting from a product line with over 250 articles.
Employing a system, which allows us to change the thickness, we are able to offer perfectly calibrated products in weight and thickness (this technology is also applied to technical products). By a greater thickness we ensure durable containers, which do not deform in its
sensitive places. The products fully satisfy our customers, since they can count on a faster production and so the hourly output is increased remarkable.
Thanks to an external check mechanism, our quality assurance system ensures a minimum waste. This check system constantly monitors all parameters that are important for the production and signals even the smallest error.
The responsible personnel participate in training courses, which pay particular attention to quality research and the optimal personnel application. At the same time we invest in security and hygiene on the workstation to comply with law in order to ensure the best relationship between employees and customers or suppliers. These are important factors to take into consideration for the future ISO 9002 certification.

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